Lodge 288 History

Lodge 288 History

On the 6th of November 1820 a charter was granted to Lodge St Margaret’s No 288, South Queensferry. Unfortunately, the charter and most of the history of this Lodge has been lost but it is known that it was extinct in 1837. Our record in Minute Book of 8th January 1935 records a copy of a letter received by Lodge Kirknewton and Ratho No 85 which reads as follows :-

St Margarets Lodge, Queensferry, 20th December 1820.

Right Worshipful Sir and Brother :
At a meeting held in our Lodge last night, it was resolved to consecrate this Lodge on the 28th Curt.
A deputation from your Lodge to assist in this ceremony will greatly oblige:
Right Worshipful Sir and Brother,
Yours Truly,
(signed) William Russell, Secretary
P.S. the Lodge will be opened at 11 o’clock forenoon.

There is some evidence to indicate that this Lodge, St Margaret’s No.288 held meetings at the Hawes Inn, South Queensferry. The sponsor Lodges of Lodge St Margaret’s No.288 were Kirknewton and Ratho No.85 and St James Operative Lodge No.97. The petition for this Lodge was signed by Patrick Taylor and others residing locally. The charter members were as follows :-

Master                    Patrick Taylor
Depute Master     Alexander McGibbon
Senior Warden     A Pollock
Junior Warden     Hugh Russell
Treasurer              William Girdwood
Secretary              William Russell

Extracts for Lodge St Margaret No 548 Historical Notes
On 28th July 1936 the minutes show that Brother William Russell,PM (Lodge St Margaret’s oldest Past Master) was
introduced. Bro Russell stated that he had been a Past Master 45 years and, after 40 years absence it had been a great pleasure to be in Lodge St Margaret again and complimented the Lodge on its working of the degree.
He stated that the original number of Lodge T Margaret was 288 and that meetings were held in the Hawes Hotel;
that was in 1820. However, owing to lack of numbers and support the Lodge ceased to exist and the charter was returned to Grand Lodge and the number (288) went to a Canadian Lodge. The jewels were divided amongst the
Office Bearers, and his great-grandfather received the Square and Compasses. These two jewels had been handed down to him and he had much pleasure in presenting them to the new Lodge St Margaret and wished the Lodge every success.